Movie Animals

Our trained animals are second to none, we invite producers and directors to visit our facility and view our animals, they are truely magical!



Film Livestock Australia is dedicated to the training of horses, giving the horses the confidence to perform any task, whether it be jumping through fire, swimming a river or bravely standing during battle. The horses are given the foundations to take on any performance. Our horses are versatile and are trained to many different disciplines. We draw from a wealth of experience in the horse industry so we are able to train and supply racehorses, western horses, dressage horses and harness, all horses are also liberty trained to compliment their saddle/ harness training. Film Livestock Australia’s horses can be trained and adapted to suit whatever your production requires.

Dogs & Cats

Need a one take wonder? Film Livestock Australia’s dogs and cats are trained and conditioned to perform on cue every time! Our dogs and cats are reliable and actor friendly. Our recent dog and cat work can be view on several episodes of the tv series Rush (CH10). Just some of the dogs that have appeared on this TV production include: Greyhounds, Bomb squad dogs (Labradors), Kelpies. The HBO production ‘The Pacific’ which will begin airing in Australia on the 14th April 2010 on channel 7 also showcases many of our tallented dogs. Eugene Sledges’ dog Deacon (Springer Spaniel) appears as a well as a Marines stray dog and numerous war dogs. The recent AAMI add was done by FLA involving 10 dogs to work at any one time. Our dogs are also experienced with live performances including ‘Thank God You’re here’ and many other ‘live shows and exhibitions’.

Farm Animals

Forgett the myth that sheep are stupid or cows are dumb, our trainers have proved quiet the opposite and have proved that these animals are infact as intelligent as a dog or horse. Once the trainer has earned the animals trust anything is possible! Film Livestock Australia were responsible for training the sheep for Parampount pictures ‘Charlottes Web’. These sheep work at liberty (no restraints), come when they are called, stay, lay down, Spanish walk, open gates, go to a mark, the list is endless. Sheep are highly intelligent animals given the chance to learn.

Film Livestock Australia has also liberty trained cows. Our cows come when called, lay down and go to a mark. Oour cows may be ridden and are very quiet around the set. Our recent cow work can be seen on the HBO production ‘The Pacific’. In one particular scene a cow is ‘shot’ and lays down. Our cows also did the Prime Super Superanuation fund advertisement. An actor had to sitt on our cow backwards and handcuffed!! Red deer and rabbits were trained for US feature Knowing and were trained to work at liberty and go to a mark and work with actors. Goats, chickens, donkeys  the list is endless we are able to supply and train almost any farm animal.


Film Livestok Australia trains and supplies a huge variety of bird species. Most recently our birds can be viewed on the ABC production ‘Bed of Roses’. Bed of Roses featured a cockatoo for several episodes, who was required to be handled by actors, fly from point A to B, pick up a set of keys and talk on cue. The HBO production ‘The pacific’ also featurs a wide range of bird action including doves, canaries and budgies. Most recently Film Livestick Australia trained pigeons for the Australian Feature Film South Solitary. Our birds are well handled and trained to perform a variety of actions, our birds are conditioned to be handled by a variety of people therefore making it an easy transition to be handled and work with an actor.


Anything you need


If you have any queries regarding our animals please feel free to contact us!