Cody Rawson-Harris

Is a second generation of film animal trainers and has spent his entire working life in the film industry. From the young age of 15 Cody began to pave the way for his own career in the industry, earning a reputation as a great stunt person and talented trainer. Since separating from the family business 10 years ago Cody has gone on to accomplish outstanding achievements in training for the film industry.

Cody has been responsible for coaching many actors to ride horse and drive carriage horses. Some of those include – Olivia Newton-John, Russell Crowe, Lee Horsley, Wendy Hughes, Dame Joan Sutherland, Tracey Nelson, Guy Pierce, Andrew Clarke, Brett Climo, Hugh Jackman and Kim Wilson.  Cody has trained a diverse range of animals including; horses, sheep, birds, buffalo, cows, monkeys, dogs, cats, camels, pigs and more.

Cody has traveled extensively within Australia and internationally training animals including flying horses to Korea and educating the owners on how to care and work the horses, he has spent time in Canada, USA, Austria, Africa and has flown Horses to Korea, NewZealand, USA, and Canada


Sarah Rawson-Harris

Like Cody began to pave a career with horses at a young age, having commenced competing and riding from the age of 4. Sarah set out at the age of 16 to work and train with respected horse trainers around Australia. She also worked as a veterinary nurse gathering priceless knowledge along the way, before leaving to live and train in America for 12 months.

Sarah had developed a passion for training animals very early and upon returning from America & meeting Cody they combined their knowledge, energies and ambitions to form Film Livestock Australia in 2000.

Since then Sarah has trained many animals for feature films and commercials including Racing Stripes (filmed in Africa) and Charlotte’s Web. Sarah achieved outstanding results for Charlottes Webb with the central characters being 5 Border-Leicester sheep.


Caroline Russell

Caroline is another of our experienced talented trainers. Caroline has been training horses of all equestrian disciplines for over 20 years and is also a qualified Riding Instructor. Her instructing methods create a relaxed and calm environment for both horse and actor/rider, establishing horsemanship skills, confidence and riding ability for even the most novice riders in a short time.

Caroline is a qualified veterinary nurse and her knowledge and care of the animals is an asset to a FLA. Caroline’s training talent extends beyond horses to all small animals including dogs, cats and small farm animals. Caroline was responsible for the training of pigs for the Warner brothers production ‘Charlottes Web’ working with actor Dakota Fanning to establish pig handling skills. She was also responsible for training the beautiful scene of the pig sleeping with Fern. Caroline has worked with Film Livestock Australia on several large productions and is a valued member of the team.


Amanda Bostock

Amanda joined FLA in 2007. Amanda has had a passion for working with animals since a young age. She has worked for broodmare farms in both NSW and Victoria, building on her horse handling skills and furthering her understanding of the horse racing industry. Amanda completed a Bachelor of Animal Science and Management from the Universty of Melbourne in 2006. For the past four years Amanda has been a familiar face on set of many productions. In addition to working for FLA, Amanda has been working in the Pet Industry for the last two years. Amanda’s animal experience, talent and ability to learn has made her an asset to the company and a professional friendly crew member on set.