Film Livestock Australia was formed in 2000 by company directors Sarah & Cody Rawson-Harris. Cody, who has spent a lifetime in the film and television industry (second generation animal trainer) and Sarah, who trained animals/horses of all disciplines here in Australia and overseas, came together to collectively share their talents and experience to establish the successful and well respected company of Film Livestock Australia.

Over the past ten years Film Livestock Australia has accumulated many credits on International and Australian productions and along the way developing a reputation second to none.
The animals trained by Film Livestock Australia are conditioned and prepared for each job to the highest of standards and the trainers are professional and have good knowledge and understanding of how the industry operates.

Film Livestock Australia employs animal wranglers and trainers who assist with the training and performance of animals on set. These wranglers/trainers work within the Film Livestock Australia’s Code of Ethics. All Film Livestock Australia trainers have on set experience and are encouraged to constantly better their knowledge of all aspects of the film and television industry.

Many production companies would also have come to know Cody & Sarah’s key trainers; Caroline Russell who joined the company in 2003 and more recently Amanda Bostock who joined the company in 2007. Both Caroline and Amanda have become who for the past four years familiar faces on set of many productions and are valued members of the Film Livestock Australia team.

Make your pet a STAR!

We have a limited number of places available each year for horse & dog training , please contact us for further information.

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Film Livestock Australia occasionally out sources animals for script requirements. These animals must have a great temperament and be sociable with other animals and people. We have on record portfolios of all sorts of animals from rats to dogs to camels! No matter how unusual your pet is there just might be a starring role waiting for him or her!

If we have a request for your particular animal breed, our professional trainers will meet and discuss with you the requirements and assess the animal for potential training. In most cases the animal will be required to spend time with FLA trainers to learn the ropes. So the owner would need to be flexible in allowing their animal to spend time away from home.
We are unable to take animals for training if they are not required for a film or TV production as we need to spend valuable time with the animals preparing for current Film & Television work.

Please take the time to read our Code of Ethics

There are no fees to register your pet with our agency. To register your animal with us please email 1-2 pictures (no more please) and include the following information:

1. Animal breed, color, size, age & name.
2. Level of training i.e. does the animal lead, come when called?
3. Contact details – owners name, phone number and email address.
4. Please include any personality traits of your animal or tricks that make him or her special!

Email us at: An email will be sent confirming the registration of your pet with Film Livestock Australia.