Blue – US Feature Films
Red – Australian Feature Films
Pink – Australian TV Series
Grey – TV Commercials
Green – Photo shoots

2017 Cable Clothing- PS – Animal contract (Lamb)
2017 Shaun Micallefs mad as Hell – TVS – Animal contract (Stunt horses)
2017 Sports Bet- TVC – Animal Contract (Sheep)
2017 AAMI -PS- Animal contract (Horse)
2017 Winchester – (F) – Animal Contract

2017 Lawless – TVS- Animal Contract
2017 Whitmore – TVS – Animal Contract
2017 The Ex-Pm – TVS – Animal contract
2017 Honda – TVC – Animal contract
2017 VRC – PS- Animal contract
2017 Shaun Macaliff – TVS- Animal contract
2017 Home Hardware – PS- Animal contract
2017 Kmart – TVC –  Animal contract
2017 Get Krackin – TVS – Animal contract
2017 Behave yourself – TVS – Animal contract
2017 Helen & Joey – TVC – Animal contract
2017 Westpac Bank- TVC- Animal contract
2017 Hitmaker studios – TVC – Animal contract
2017 Anthony Squires – PS – Animal contract
2017 William Hill – TVC- Animal contract
2016 The Left Overs – TVS – Animal Contract
2016 Woolworths – TVC – Animal contract
2016 Home Hardware -PS- Animal contract
2016 Shaun Macaliff – TVS- Animal contract
2016 William Hill – TVC – Animal contract
2016 Seek- TVC- Animal contract
2016  Subaru TVC    Scoundrel Films  Dog
2016 Blue Scope   TVC    Gen C     Birds
2016 William Hill   TVC    Gen C  Dog
2016 Sensis  TVC   ; dog
2016 NAB TVC Finch Birds
2015 Spin Out   (F)    Stella Rose Productions  Dog
2015  Light Between Oceans (F)    LBO Productions Horses & Dogs
2015  Dressmaker (F)   Dressmaker productions   Horses,Pigs,Dogs,chicks,mice
2015  Tomorrow when the war began    (F)    TWTWB Skagos Horses & Dogs & cattle
2015  Hunters TVS    MatchBox UCP      Rabbits
2015  Childhoods End     (F)    HayPop P/L     Dog
2015  Home Hardware Calander PS     Coco Productions  Dogs
2015 Mazda     TVC  Exit                     Dogs
2015  Westpac TVC    Side Kick         Dogs
2015 Godfreys TVC    Gen C                Dogs
2015  Simply Energy   TVC Finch      Dogs
2015  AAMI  TVC    Hart & Co            Horse
2015  Sensis  PS Andrew Craig             Dog Coord
2015  British India       MV          Mule
2015  Mazda   TVC    CHE Proximity            Dog
2015  Skoda stills     PS     Coco Productions  Pigs
2015 Skoda     TVC    Robbers Dog              Pigs
Morgage Choice TVC Stuff and Nonsence 2014 Piglets
Vic Health TVC Finch 2014 Snake
Foxtel TVC The Sweet shop 2014 Lambs
Westpac Bank TVC Bullock Commercials 2014 Dogs
Westpac Bank Adv Billboard Sam I Am 2014 Dogs
‘Canberra’ TVC Aust Gov 2014 Horse
Weatherbetta Photoshoot 2014 Horses
Julius Milk TVC Airbag Productions 2014 Cow
Moon and the Sun Moon and Sun Productions 2014 Horses, Dogs & Pigeons
Gallipoli TVS Endimol Productions 2013/2014 Mules & Horses
Hamish & Andy 2014 Macaw, Snake & Frog
Victorian Racing Club Herald Sun 2014 Horse
Dulux Paint TVC Finch Productions 2013 Dogs
Wentworth TVS Freemantle Media 2013 Magpie
Myer Christmas TVC Plaza Films 2013 Dog
Nimble TVC The Sweet Shop 2013 Cat/Dog
Deavondale Stills ADV Chris Budgeon Photography 2013 6 Cats
Deavondale Milk x 3 TVC Prodigy 2013 20 Cats, Dogs
Sam Fox Extreme Adventures SLR 2013 ‘Wolf Dog’ & German Shepherd Dogs
Herald Sun Racing Carnival VRC 2013 Horse
ANZ Bank Stuart Crossett 2013 Dog
NAB Bank 8.com 2013 Cats
Bayer Imax Gold Redhanded 2013 Horse Co-ord
The Lost Boys ABC 2013 Dog
Kaboto Tractors Red Handed 2013 Horse
Weatherbeeta Weatherbeeta 2013 Horses
Coles Flinders Lane 2013 Cats
You’re Skitting Me Jigsaw ent 2013 Goat
Virbac Red Handed 2013 Pony
Mr & Mrs MurderVFX MotionCaptureFostersPetstockMr & Mrs MurderTracksHesta InsuranceHerald Sun Photo shoot – Jen Hawkins

Mad As Hell

Ford Territory

Heinz Beans

Bulla ice-cream TVC

Mad As Hell

Dublin clothing

Freemantle mediaMotion CircusGoodoil FilmsChoclate studiosFreemantle mediaAntonia BernardSweet ProductionsVRCABCColour Me FilmsGoodoilThe Sweet ShopABCprod co. AMVI for weatherbeeta 2012 HorseDogHorses / onset co-ordcats, rabbits, dogs, reptiles, birdsAll horses & on camera wranglersOn set dog training advisorDogRearing HorsesHorseDogDogDogHorseHorses/dog, studio hire
Talkin about your gen Granada media 2012 Horses and handlers
VRC herald sun photo shoot – horseOffspring TV Herald Sun/VRCSouthern star no 9 2012/2012 Rearing horse/NadiaHorses
Solo drink commercial Goodoil films 2012 Dogs, chooks, horses, & Macaw
Stuart Crossett Photography Advance dog food 2012 animal coordinator
Samsung Tabs TVC Visual Jazz 2012 Sheep
Vita Pet, ‘Waggin Wonders’ Dog treats  TVC Choclate Studios 2011 Animal Contract –  (dog) English Springer Spaniel
Vita Pet, Purfitt cat litter TVC Choclate studios 2011 Animal Contract –  Cat
Tooheys beer, VFX Deer model – VFX ALT PTY LTD 2011 Animal Contract –  Deer
Honda TVC Goodoil Films 2011 Animal Contract –  (dog) Black Labrador
Crown Larger TVC Goodoil films 2011 Animal Contract –  rabbit, cat, butterflies
Target Catalogue Huge Studios 2011 Animal Contract –  (dog) Golden Retreiver
Target ‘Mix n match’ TVC The Finch Company 2011 Animal Contract –  (dogs) Black,  Golden & Brown Labradors
Hyundi TVC The sweet shop 2011 Animal Contract –  Pigeons
Qatar Airlines TVC The colony 2011 Animal Contract –  Pigeons
Kath & Kim Filum Riley Turner Productions (Feature) 2011 Animal Contract –  dogs, horses, donkey, chickens.
The Natural Confectionary Company TVC Chocolate Studios 2011 Animal Contract- Pugs
Qatar Airlines TVC The Colony 2011 Animal Contract – Pigeons
Hamish & Andy Reministmas Radio Karate 2011 Animal Contract- Donkey
Commonwealth Bank TVC Robbers Dogs Films 2011 Animal Contract- Poodles & Bulldogs
Cadbury Chocolate TVC The Otto Empire 2011 Animal Contract- Butterflies
Prank Patrol Active TV 2011 Animal Contract- Trick dogs
Killer Elite 2011 Animal Contract- Stunt Horse, Stunt double, ants, frogs & goats
Thank God You’re Here Granada Media 2011 Animal Contract- Pigeons
Australian BEEF TVC Gods and Monsters 2011 Animal Contract- Dog
TAB TV Commercial Film Construction PTY LTD 2011 Animal Contract- Chicken on lead
Badjar Ogilvy Live Performance 2011 Animal Supply- Wedge tail Eagle
Television Commercial Steve Holland Productions 2011 Animal Contract- Horse and stunt double
Linda Tegg Art Exhibition NA 2011 Animal Supply – Sheep
PETstock Ormond Live Show NA 2010 Animal Supply – Trick Dogs
Rush III Southern Star Prod. 2010 Animal Contract- Dogs
South Solitary Remote & Blowy Prod. 2009/2010 Animal Contract-Horses,Cow,Sheep & Pigeons
AAMI Commercial II Robbers Dog 2009 Animal Contract- Dogs
Linda Tegg Exhibition Art 2009 Horse Contract
Rush II Southern Star Prod. 2009 Animal Trainer/Contract
Earth Choice Otto Empire 2009 Animal Contract
Rove Roving Enterprises 2009 Animal Supply
Thank God You’re Here Working Dog Prod. 2009 Animal Supply
City Homicide Seven Network Lmtd. 2009 Horse Master/ Animal Contract
Bed of Roses Southern Star Prod. 2008/2009 Animal Trainer/Contract
Rush Southern Star Prod. 2008 Animal Trainer/ Contract
Knowing Ezekiel Films 2008 Animal Trainer/Contract
The Pacific First Division Prod. 2007/2008 Animal Trainer/ Contract
Superannuation Commercial 2006 Animal Supply/Train-Cows
Charlottes Webb Paramount Pictures 2004/2005 Animal Trainers-Horse & Sheep
QANTAS Commercial 2004 Wranglers – Horses
Racing Stripes Warner Bros. 2003/2004 Trainers- Horses
Ned Kelly Woss Entertainment 2002 Trainers – Horses
Horses: The Story of Equus Mullion Creek Prod. 2001 Horse Master/Actor
Thunderstone Jonathan M Shiff 1998/1999 Horse Master/Trainer/Stund Double
Noah’s Ark Hallmark 1998 Head Animal Trainer
Welcome to Whoop Whoop 1996 Trainer- Dogs,Cats & Rats
Man from Snowy River (TV) Pro Films 1993/1996 Horse Master/Stunt Dbl/Actor
On Our Selection 1994 Horse Master/Trainer/Stunt dbl
The New Adventures of Black Beauty 1992/1993 Horse Master/Trainer/Stunt Dbl
The Silver Brumby Media World 1992 Trainer/Stunt Double
Wreckless Kelly 1991 Wrangler
Star Runner Sth Pacific Films 1990 Wrangler/ Stunt Double
Quigley Down Under 1989 Electrics
Devils Hill ABC 1987 Wrangler/ Stunt Dbl